Unconditonal Love

What is unconditional  love? Have you ever had that question in your head floating around like me? If so then here are a few articles that can probably help you begin to understand what un-conditional love really means. Learning to love your fellow beings unconditionally is a journey, like in the articles below one of the first steps in showing unconditional love is learning to Love Your (Something Amazing) Self. And i know how hard it is to do that Now in this world, but I believe we can do it. So, I hope you will take this journey with me in loving your SELF and your fellow Galactic Beings unconditionally. So we may change this planet into a loving sphere of peace.


(**This One is More of a Statement**)-http://www.iloveulove.com/unconditlove/defulove.htm

(**I like this one because of the detail it goes into when it is explaining unconditional love**)  http://reikitirth.org/unconditional-love


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