Extraterrestrials; I wonder how many people out there believe in life beyond our own. (HAHAAHA) This is going to be a bias piece because I am a believer. If you’re not trying to hear about aliens then move to the next post because yes I believe; we have all this evidence in the world of ET’s. How can you not believe that this planet is harboring other beings other than humans or that in the vast nest of space there is not another life form out there? We have crop circles, footage of extraterrestrials, images of dead alien bodies, alien abductees’, photos and footage of their space crafts as well.

Our planet can be viewed as a mini reflection of the universe. This beautiful blue orb in space is booming with life even at its deepest darkest depths. Maybe our current reality we are living in is so big that we cannot see them yet with our modern technology.

So, in other words they are too far for us to see or maybe it is like star trek out there and they are so advance that they are purposely keeping their identity hidden. Because we all know in this current time period the 21st century a human being is not really ready to accept E.T. (Hahaha) We are still hindering ourselves and separating ourselves with money, religion, political views, countries, government, gender, we even separate ourselves by the color of our skin.

Once we are able to fully accept and love ourselves as individuals as well as love our fellow beings here on earth and find more similarities rather than differences; Then I think we will be ready to accept another advance life form other than our own. That is when I think they will come to us and reveal their existence. How far off are we of this event? To be honest I don’t really know. Some would say a loooooong time from now, but for me personally I think that event is approaching and coming fast with how things are going as they are; time is a tricky thing, we will only know when it happens.

One question that always stumps me is are they good or are they evil? The government and the media of United States would like you to believe that they are evil and that they are here to destroy us. The reason I say this is because the majority of alien movies that have come out show humans going to war with aliens. And if you know anything about mind control and mental programming, repetition is one form of mind control and movies can be an instrument for that.

 I don’t want to be the naïve one here and think everything in the universe is all good and rainbows. I think there are good ones but also evil ones. That’s why we have to get our shit together here so we will be able to discern between the two. So, to wrap this all up I Kuzoo believe in Extraterrestrial beings and unknown Terrestrial being (I’ll explain in a later blog post). Check out some of the stuff below and do some of your own research to help you get a better understanding of E.Ts.

Remember to Stay woke out here brothers and sisters, Peace, Love and Light


History Channel: Ancient Aliens

Netflix: Sirius, The Unacknowledged, ExtraOrdinary: The Stan Romanek story, Patient 17, Explained: Extraterrestials, Chariots of the Gods, Hangar 1: The Ufo Files

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