“An aura is a quality or feeling that seems to surround a person or place or to come from them.“ [Collins]

The aura is something that can be seen and or felt. It is comprised of multiple forms of energy coming from your mental,emotion, and spirit. Everything has an aura even earth does.


If you can see the aura, you will notice subtle colors emanating from the physical body. Each color you perceive represents something different and has its own meaning. If you can’t see the aura, there are ways and techniques you can try at home. So, you can practice and hone in on that ability if you so choose.


Another way to sense someones aura is through feeling. One way to pick up on it is when you meet someone new or even someone familiar pay attention on how you feel when initially entering their presence. Each feeling you get from that person has a meaning and represents something.


But one thing to remember about the aura is that it is always changing, so its best not to judge a person off of their aura. The aura is more superficial than the body, it is un-manifested energy, energy that didn't turn physical. Its like your physical body but its the even more outward layers to your being. Some people believe that the information in the human aura can tell you the health of the body.


When meeting a person it’s best to look at their core rather than the initial energy they put off. The reason I bring up the aura on WeirdosCC is because I want to help make you more aware of what the aura is and give you a better incite on what you see and/or feel.


Me personally, I can feel someones aura, but I do my best to not let someones aura dictate who they are as a person. Someones aura can be nice and friendly but deep down they have a lot of deep rooted pain or vice versa you can meet a person with an off aura but deep down they are beautiful gentle beings.


But as always do some research for yourself and have a better understanding of what the aura is. I left links below to give you a start. As Always Peace and Love



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