Esoteric Healing: A Form of Energy Healing

            What is esoteric healing? From the word esoteric itself, this refers to the kind of alternative healing that occurs only to a limited group or community. Unlike traditional forms of medicine, esoteric healing is never mainstream. Instead of journals, trials, and experimental methods to prove its existence, it goes with tradition and experience. 

 One good example of this is shamanistic medicine. As a form of spiritual tradition, shamanism focuses on the interconnectedness of man, nature, animals, and spirits. From such, it derives a way of understanding about the world, as it sees how things intertwine with each other.

            With that, they use a kind of healing which focuses on this interconnectedness. By understanding that everything in this world is moved by energy itself, shamanistic medicine will use a combination of plants and prayers. Appealing to Mother Nature itself, this kind of esoteric healing outlines a sort of intuitive approach to medicine.

            Compare that with over-the-counter drugs and hospital approved procedures these methods have been derived through reason and logic coupled with synthetic approaches to diseases.

            While both has its merits, their approach is very much different. But why so?

Looking at the nature of civilizations, farming itself has taught how a man can manipulate environment to its bidding. Instead of being hunters and dwellers, such transition has cut-off man's sacred resonance with the trees and the animals.

Instead of hearing Mother Nature, man has transitioned to using reason and logic in order to become more efficient. And while farming and breeding have made things easier for man, it also fundamentally disconnected man from nature. Because man doesn't need to adjust to nature itself, man became its master in one way or another.

With that, we can see now why energy healing has become esoteric – the inevitable progress of humans towards modernization ended the era where people have to resonate with the chirping of the birds or the gushing of the rivers.

And so, we ask – while this kind of healing is esoteric (being a consequence of development), why is it a form of energy healing?

If we look at reality, we can say that almost everything is moved by energy. Without that universal form of energy, nothing exists for all that there is are bearers of some kind of power. Following this train of thought, everything would, in turn, be a form of energy then.

            In this case, when something becomes problematic, energy is necessary for it to function. For instance, if you are tired or hungry, getting sleep or food replenishes your energy levels. Similarly, even your car needs to burn energy through fuel, allowing it to function. Even the plants around you need the power of the sun to grow. 

            With this, energy healing, in its most basic sense, is nothing more than the passing of energy from one source to the other. As we encounter certain challenges in life, different kinds of energy are necessary for us to function or be healed. More often than not, the kind of energy that was lost is also the one that is necessary for things to be fixed.

            Being so, esoteric healing operates in a way that it passes energy from one source to the other. Commonly forgotten because of the advancement in the sciences, this kind of prehistoric or ancient approach often incorporates tradition and spirituality to achieve a holistic kind of healing.

            Because modern science focuses only on the physical aspect of a disease or illness, it forgets the basic principle of how energy plays a vital role in the whole process. As it treats a disease, it only looks at symptoms and how the body reacts to it instead of seeing the body as a spiritual temple on top of the physiological manifestations. 

            With that, esoteric healing means that in order to be true to its principle of energy healing, it must go beyond the disconnected approach of modern science itself.

            But as we have seen the transition after the post-modern era, the New Age spirituality has resurrected these esoteric forms of healing, at least for the western world. As individual practices have been recognized, the idea of holistic energy healing has once again resurfaced.

            Given such, here are a few of the most famous esoteric energy healing practices that were unearthed/reinvented during the New Age

  1. Crystal Healing – focuses on the use of healing crystals and how their vibrations and low frequencies can affect our overall energy levels.

  2. Chakra Healing – addresses the 7 chakra points in the body and how cosmic energy flows through them. Thus, when we have problems, it is usually because of some blockage present in these points.

  3. Reiki Healing – similar to chakra healing, this approach believes in a kind of spiritual acupuncture, pinpointing certain aspects of the body which may have convoluted and prevented the efficient flow of universal energy within us.

  4. Chi Healing – originating from the Chinese, these beliefs in the restoration of our life force.

  5. Sound Healing – understanding the impact of music in removing stress and illnesses, sound healing aims to fully utilize this underrated approach.

With these five examples, you now have an idea of some esoteric healing practices that can be employed in your life journey. Basing its approach on the interconnectedness of life, such esoteric forms are transcendental and spiritual by nature.

Although most would consider it as a form of pseudoscience, these practices have been present far before we’ve developed aspirin. Carrying its tradition behind its back, esoteric healing proves to be one of the biggest and most significant of contenders in approaching the sickness of a person.


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