Meditation; the easiest and the most difficult task on earth. It comprises of sitting and breathing with your eyes closed and being present. It is a very beneficial exercise for your life. It can help with maintaining energy throughout the day, realign your subtle body, rejuvenate energy levels, unblock chi throughout the body, lower stress levels, help you connect to your higher self and the list goes on. With that being said there is nothing wrong with practicing meditation. Eventually you can make it to a point where it will become like second nature or a habit if you will. There isn’t one form of meditation, there are vast amounts of ways to get into that thoughtless space. Yoga is a good one, martial arts, going on walks and being in nature, your options are almost limitless. Check out some of the stuff below to see for yourself how beneficial meditation is for you and your health. I recommend you do your own research to get more information about meditation. With that I leave you with a quote I read in a book Called The 12 conditions of a Miracle, the miracle worker’s handbookMeditation is the process of shifting ones awareness from thoughts to the breaks between them” Peace_Love_Light my beloved brothers and sisters of earth.

 (What is Meditation)

(6 Benefits to meditations)

(The Scientific Power of Meditation)

(How to Meditate for Beginners)

(How to Meditate – The No Bullshit Guide to Meditation) {:} Warning video length 35:37{:}

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