Psychic Abilities

Each and every human being has the potential of awakening his/her own unique psychic abilities, all it takes a sense of knowing oneself. By knowing oneself I mean knowing what comes natural to you, being aware of your body's senses and knowing how you feel in different environments and situations. Many of us use our abilities on a daily basis without being conscious of doing so for example when you have a gut feeling about something or someone that’s called your intuition or having the ability of feeling others emotions that’s called being an Empath. There are many different types of abilities out there other than the few I named and the ones you see in the movies, those are just the tip of the iceberg. Us humans are truly amazing beings, all we have to do now is reawaken to who we truly are. Below are some links that can help you identify your abilities and help you become a better version of yourself. (This video explains psychic abilities really well, check it out when you have the time) (Have Fun and Explore this link; it gives detail information about different abilities and how to hone and train yourself. Also offers a test so you can test yourself) (This link gives you 5 ways to help you develop your psychic abilities) (An A to Z list of different psychic abilities. See if you can figure out which ones you have and hone in on your own abilities Remember no two humans are the same)

 Remember we are all special unique pieces of God. Peace_Love_Positivity

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