Sexual Energy

“The sexual force brought us into existence in this world; it is the only force that has the authority to radically transform us, to learn to manage this force, is to become the master of creation” Samael Aun Weor. As Mr. Weor was saying in the quote Sexual Energy is one of the most powerful creative forces in the universe, it brings life to the world. It deals with your sacrum chakra, which manifest itself through your sexual organs. When having sex it can be a union of souls. While having sex with a partner, the unity between two galactic souls can generate and create sex magick. [Which I will create a post about in the future, because it can be really dark or bring a lot of light and I only want to feed you light]. We create Sex Magick every time we have sex with our partner or partners for some of us, we are just unconscious of it when in the act. A quick little tip of use for sexual energy; if you and your partner during sex focus on the same goal, the goal that is focused on is more achievable. Also, when having sexual intercourse is one of our most energetically vulnerable states, so it can also be a way of letting negative energy into your world. But it can also be a way to reach the highest form of enlightment. Sexual energy can be a source of vitality and energization as well. (If you wish to reach that state then I would recommend looking into Ankhing your energy, which I will cover in a future post, But I will leave a link at the bottom for you). The sexual energy force can be channeled and directed throughout your body rather than releasing that energy from orgasm. What you can do with that surplus of energy is creating something or working on a project. Learning to control and direct your sexual energy is no easy task especially in our modern society; where we are constantly bombarded with sexual images and themes. In order to harness this energy it takes mindful thinking and self-discipline. If you can learn to control and direct that power then the creative output from that can be amazing. Sex and the energy it possesses is a powerful tool for the human body and experience. The information I am giving you now is just a small tip of the iceberg on sex and the secrets it holds. I suggest looking into Tantric sex or the Karma Sutra because they are different text that explain and talk about sex. Please do your own research to expand your mind and knowledge. One thing I hope you learn from this is to be more mindful of who you let into your angelic divine body/world. Below are some links that will help further explain Sexual Energy and how to harness and control it. Once again Peace, Love, and Positivity (What is Sexual Energy) {Transforming Sexual Energy Into Spiritual Energy} [{Warning may need virus protection}Sex and Aural Energy] (Sexual energy and Creative Genius) [Recapitulation and Sexual Energy] (Ways to connect your sexual energy) (Clearing Negative Sexual Energy) (Ankhing Sexual Energy)

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