Welcome to a World of Spiritual Awakening

Welcome to WeirdosCC this is a place where we want you to experience positive vibes. One of our goals is to help awaken your mind, body and spirit through the use of our designs and Enlightenment tab. Right now we are selling t-shirt products; but in time we will be making and offering other products that we hope you will enjoy. We will use our creative ability to develop as many things as we possibly can and put it on this website. The enlightenment tab is a blog that will have interesting information that you may or may not already know; check it out if you are looking to open up your mind a bit more. Through WeirdosCC we aim to expand your consciousness and raise your vibration so that we may have a better understanding of one another. Our end goal in this chaos is to bring peace to this beautiful world we call Earth. We love you all and thanks for visiting WeirdosCC.com!!! Check back at the website every once in a while and there will be something new posted.