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2021 Update

Hey Everyone

We would like to update you all on the new collection of clothing that is being released. We are slowly starting the process of moving our traditional clothes to a more Eco friendly material.

Here at WeirdosCC we proceed in helping the planet become a better and more habitable place for all species.

Within our new collection there is a fresh design for you peeps to enjoy and wear.

Thank you for the support you have given us so far along this journey.

Crypto Has ARRIVED!!!!!

We now can accept crypto payments using:


2019 Store Update

What’s Happening Now

  • Instagram Store Active
  • Blog Posts for your spiritual enlightenment
  • You can now purchase products from WCC using Bitcoin
  • Affiliate links for online shirt companies
  1. Printify-
  2. Printiful-


  • Seasonal Discounts – WCC has seasonal discounts regularly. Stay tuned because every season a discount code will be activated
  • Enter the code “Believe” at checkout for a 20% discount on your items

New Design

The Mushroom Man design is now available online. :)

In Stores

Black Original Weirdos T-shirt Now Available in Karma Records in Indianapolis, IN