About Us

Welcome to WeirdosCC, your high-vibrational one-stop shop for all the freaks, black sheep, and misfits populating the universe. Whether you’re here for the garb, the enlightenment, or the community, we are thrilled to have you.

Our Essence
We founded WeirdosCC in 2014 with the goal of helping like minded individuals expand their vibrational awareness while empowering them to live out their extraordinary cosmic lives without remorse. We curated this little corner of the interwebs to be a beacon of positivity, where anyone can come and feel complete and utter freedom from judgment and labels. Ever evolving, we here at WeirdosCC hope to aid you in awakening your mind, body, and spirit to the infinite potential of the universe by helping you embrace your individuality and expand your mind.

Our Gear
From shirts and hats to stickers and jackets, we want our products to empower you to be the most authentic version of yourself. All of our designs have been carefully created to elicit a positive, confidence-boosting aura that gives the wearer the courage to act, think, and dress exactly how they want. Show off your individuality and personalize your aesthetic with our original collection of psychedelic daily wear for the weirdo in us all.

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